BG Zonta Service Programs

In addition to the millions of dollars that Zonta International donates to international service projects and educational programs, Zontians commit hundreds of service hours and thousands of dollars to a wide-range of local women-focused community service projects. The Bowling Green club donates its time and money to the following:

Girls with Goals Program

The Zonta Club of Bowling Green Area has originated a program known as “Girls With Goals”. The program is designed to encourage teen girls to consider the many alternatives available to them. The idea is to stimulate girls and young women to think beyond today, and to set goals that will fulfill their dreams.

When girls begin to plan for the future, they hear about the importance of organization, education and setting goals. They begin to learn the choices they make today may influence their choices for the future.

The “Girls With Goals” program varies from year to year. In the first year, five community women read the book, “Composing a Life”, and participated in a panel sharing information about their personal and professional lives, choices made, obstacles encountered and gender-related issues confronted as they determined their destiny. They addressed the impact of cultural traditions, educational opportunities, changing lifestyles, raising a large family, family mobility, etc.

The following year, the teenage Czisny twins shared the events of their lives as ice-skating stars. They explained the sacrifices made as they pursue their dreams of being professional skaters. The audience heard how they juggled home-schooling, skating, traveling and social activities.

The third year, several area entrepreneurs discussed the process of taking an idea for a business and bringing it to reality. The women owned a jewelry store, a sewing shop and an antique store.

It the fourth year, the club took advantage of a NASA exhibit at the local library which allowed the public a “hands-on” experience with technology and highlighted the importance of women in science. A Zonta sponsored series at the Bowling Green High School allowed students to experiment with food preservation for space missions. This series was aimed at increasing interest in science-related careers.

Over the last three summers, the Bowling Green club has partnered with Bowling Green Parks and Recreation Department and BGSU Women’s Center to hold the Girl Power Tween Camp. Girls in the local area attend this day camp, learn, network, work with women leaders and mentors and participate in goal setting and other activities. Future programs will continue to expose teen girls to thought-provoking experiences as they consider and plan their future.

These efforts promote the Status of Women, the underpinning goal of Zonta.

Birthing Kits Project

In 2011, the Bowling Green chapter become involved with the Area I Zonta Clubs Birthing Kit Project. That year, the chapter assisted with assembling over 1,000 clean birthing kits. The birthing kits include a bar of soap, clear plastic sheet, razor blade, an umbilical cord tie, a cloth and latex gloves. The goal is to put these kits into the hands of pregnant mothers and health care workers as they safely deliver babies in poor situations. Clean birthing kit can mean life or death for a pregnant woman and her baby. By providing at least the most basic essentials, the kit helps pregnant women who are unable to get to a health facility on a crisis or emergency situation.

Scholarships for Non-traditional Students

The Zonta Club of Bowling Green Area has established a scholarship for women 25 years of age or older, who are pursuing post-secondary schooling or training. Women enrolled or wanting to enroll in educational training programs, technical training, colleges or universities can apply. Applicants must be residents of Wood County, Ohio, show financial need, and have earned a high school diploma or GED. The club engages in fundraising activity throughout the year to have money available for the scholarship fund. The two main annual fundraising activities are selling Mixed Nuts in November and December and the Summer Solstice Wine Tasting event held in June.